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"Zilla Was Here" Stickers Pack of 36

"Zilla Was Here" Stickers Pack of 36


Product Description
Every adventure is better with Zilla - just ask Frieda B.! We've created lots of ways you can take Zilla with you on your adventures, too. And these stickers make it easy to help you remember all the adventures you've had together.

Designed to complement our "Make and Take Zilla" Template & Instructions (found at, and to replenish the same stickers found in our Story-Journal Activity, our "Zilla Was Here" Stickers are a perfect complement to whichever way you choose to capture and commemorate your journeys with Zilla: story-journaling, mapping, scrapbooking, photo album, etc. 36 stickers in a pack, at the ready.

Zilla's waiting... Just say the word, and he'll be at your side, rushing with you into your next real or imaginary adventure. Grab your Adventure Bag and Story-Journal and be off!

Big fun awaits.

"So with Zilla she climbed to the top of the page, where they entered a cottage, all weathered with age." - Frieda B. and the Zillabeast