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Frieda B. Dream Journal
Frieda B. Dream Journal

Frieda B. Dream Journal

Item# DreamJournal

Product Description
Our Dream Journal is a great reminder of the importance of dreams... and serves as a great place to keep them! Measuring 5x7 with a wonderfully nubby canvas cover and elastic holder, this journal contains 192 lined pages for writing.

Additionally, each Dream Journal comes with story-journaling instructions for all ages, written by Renata (who has been story-journaling since 2008).

Might you be asking, "What exactly is story-journaling?" Simply put, it's a neat way to capture your life as a story (because, of course, that's what it is). The secret is in writing or drawing about what is happening now, in the present - real and imaginary journeys, dreams and adventures. As you look back, you'll see plots, chapters, characters, conflicts and resolutions that have unfolded. And blessings. Lots of blessings.

Indeed, yours a good story, a wonderful story - and it's Free to B. worthy of capturing.